Richard Tatti

dark sky travels magazine

Simple Milky Way Panoramas

Have a look at how I take simple milky way panoramas without any complicated formulas or equipment. Milky way panoramas are a great way to get a very vibrant and detailed image. We look at the method I use to actually take the shots and also delve into the software to stitch the images together.

Nightscape Light Painting Star Trails

Nightscape Images captured under a magnificent night sky. We do some light painting on an old Austin A30 while shooting star trails. This video is the first in a series highlighting my unique shooting style with an emphasis on light painting techniques as well as the processing of the images.

Amazing Adventure under a Brilliant Night sky

This was an awesome astrophotography adventure at a local reservoir exploring and photographing an old Railway Bridge under the stars. I spent all night out there and came away with lots of amazing nightscape images.