Very informative advice and tips for nightscape photography from expert photographers

Alan Dyer

A new digital magazine for nightscapers

I am sure you have your favorite astronomy magazine, but did you ever wish for a publication that was specifically targeted at nightscapers? Well, I have good news for you...

Today the first issue of the Dark Sky Travels Digital Magazine was published. It is a free monthly digital publication targeted at the nightscaper community.

You think that’s great? I certainly agree!

The Dark Sky Travels Digital Magazine is packed with useful information about nightscaping locations, shooting techniques and equipment and to make this news even better, it honored me with a feature in its first issue! I am incredibly proud to be featured along with some excellent nightscaper collegues like Wayne Pinkston, Eric Benedetti and Matt Domonkos Photography.

Ralf Rohner

An amazing new — and FREE — digital publication put out by a few of the giants in nightscape photography. If you’re following my page, you know that this type of photography is my passion and specialty. If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about it, I urge you to check out this impressive resource. This first issue features a nice spread on the astonishing Bisti Badlands in New Mexico — one of the stops I’ll be making on my photography trek through the southwest this summer! It also has an article by one of my astrophotography heroes, Eric Benedetti Photography, with great information on how to get started nightscaping.

P. Sisto Images

A big thank you to the Digital Magazine Dark Sky Travels for featuring my photos in their first edition, along with super night photographers Matt Domonkos, Ralf Rohner, and Jeff Stamer. I’m honored to be included! To the staff of @darkskytravels you’ve done a beautiful job on the first issue!

Wayne Pinkston

Fantastic work Louise. Some wonderful examples of inspirational work in there and I know you went to a lot of effort to get it going. Well done.

Richard Tatti

Wish this magazine was out when I went to Bisti Badlands in October 2017. I thought I had an idea but was completely overwhelmed on where to go when I got there so missed out. The instructions in the magazine are amazing.

The very best magazine in all respects dedicated to this area, I must congratulate you for such a fantastic work. And not only fantastic, but also inspiring.  For me it will be an honour to feature in the magazine.

Thank you again for this opportunity and for bringing to the world a window to look the night sky for those who can't see it for themselves.

Kevin Ferrioli